Love your cookies

My family and I love your cookies. We have been buying them for quite awhile now. They're delicious, nutritious and so fun. We have such excitement at snack time, quizzing each other on state capitals, presidents and Spanish words. These cookies have even helped my older daughter with school. Thank you so much for all the fun and "tutoring!" Your mission of helping kids "eat right and do well in school" is complete. We continue to buy your product every time we are at the store.

Repeat Customer for Sure

Hi Dick & Jane! I just picked up two boxes of your cookies in Whole Foods for my 2 year old son. Just like any toddler being wheeled through the supermarket, he was asking me for cookies. I was mid-refusal when I saw your States and Spanish/English cookies on the shelf - I couldn't say no! I think the whole concept of including education into something any child would love is wonderful. Great idea and great cookie - I'll be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks, Dorothy

School bus driver

My husband is a school bus driver for the Okmulgee Public Schools. He took some preschoolers to Tulsa this week and the school sent lunches with them and your cookies were included. He said those were the best cookies ever!!

Teacher of the Year

I am so grateful to the Dick and Jan Baking Company for this great honor! We are so excited to have a happy snack day very soon. Our whole school will benefit from your kindness and generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Jeanne Van Heule

President-Obsessed 7-year old

"My president-obsessed 7-year old thanks you for these delicious cookies! (Found at Whole Foods, and will keep buying in every variety!)"

Studying for My Citizenship

Hi Dick & Jane:

My sister recently purchased a box of your States & Capitals, for my one year old daughter. She absolutely loves the taste, and I also love them because I am studying for my citizenship and have been using your cookies as a study guide. Have you ever considered producing snacks for younger children, maybe a veggie/potato puff snack in the shape of letters or numbers? I would really love to see such a snack in my local baby store. Anyhow I am so delighted I discovered your cookies in Whole Foods. Please keep me posted if you come out with any snacks for toddlers.

Many thanks,
Deboragh & GG

Happiest 4-Year-Old

nolanThis was how excited Nolan was when he received his cookies today.:) Thanks for making my little man's day. -Kathy

Wonderful state cookies!

Good morning, Dick!

I just want you to know how your state cookies have affected my son Trevor’s learning. He is completely obsessed with the U.S., states, and geography in general. He can identify the states by shape and can arrange them correctly on a U.S. map without any border lines! He has now been inspired to learn what makes each state famous and is interested in countries in the same way.

What a gift! Thank you.

His kindergarten teacher, Lois Mann at Oak Ridge Elementary in Royal Oak, was impressed and told me that the class is in awe of how Trevor knows these things. They are currently learning about states and the song “Fifty Nifty United States”. I would love it if you would be willing to donate some state cookies to his class. They have a peanut and tree nut restricted classroom.

Thank you for your consideration.


Best cookie I've ever had

I just wanted to let you know, that your president cookies are fabulous. I am a one-on-one special ed aide and I get to eat lunch in the school cafeteria with my student. The kids loved the cookies, the taste and the presidents on them. I think honestly it was the best cookie I've ever had. Delicious!!!! Thanks so much for making lunch fun.

Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My sons, Christian, 9, and Aidan, 8, both suffer from airborne nut allergies since infancy. Upon shopping in Whole Foods the other day, I stumbled upon your educational snacks. Being a former classroom teacher and health and fitness instructor, these snacks were just what we needed to maintain health and sugar happy in our household...only 5g!!!! I am happy to report that the boys enjoy learning about their Presidents as well as enjoying a tasty vanilla treat. As well, I'm co-chair of the Health and Wellness committee at our elementary school, Branch Brook in Smithtown, NY. I'm looking forward to enrolling our school in the Adopt a Classroom program, in addition to featuring one of our very special teachers in the near future. Love this concept! Love your snacks! Love education! You both rock!!! Warm Regards, Lidia

She Loves Presidents

Jessica"My 8 year old daughter loves history and when we found Dick & Jane Baking Company's President cookies she was so excited! She likes to quiz her friends at break time at school about the Presidents! I love that they are all natural and educational!"

Jessica from Georgia