national nutrition month

As part of our National Nutrition Month celebration, Dick & Jane has partnered with Edible Education to sponsor a series of school enrichment assemblies. These one hour sessions show students how to enjoy cooking and to have confidence in the kitchen with step-by-step, age appropriate instruction taught by trained chefs. Please contact Ann Butler at Edible Education 804-218-7903



Starting January 1, 2019 Dick & Jane Educational Snacks will be made with our popular new NON-GMO recipe.

No Saturated Fat
Less Sugar
Less Salt

Contains:  Wheat, Egg & Milk

Educational Snacks are “sweet crackers” like an animal or graham cracker with 120 - 1 oz servings/case 1 grain EQ.

Learning in Every Bite

Connecting people with education, and connecting kids to real food. That's our intention when we make our snacks. We’re people with big hearts, open minds, and enthusiasm for education.

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Snacks of

Whether you're learning the states or the capitals (we suggest both!), our national pride cookies show the outline and name of all 50 states and their capital cities. Perfect for long road trips or quizzing at home.

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Learn Spanish or English with your friends and amigos! Fifty words and ten numbers with a matching picture will help anyone become bilingual. Ask your kids how many educational snacks they ate in Spanish.

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A Vote for

Wave your flags and hold up your favorite president on a snack! Our Presidents series includes cookies with the 45 U.S. Presidents, plus a snack with an image of the White House.

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Meet Dick & Jane

Dick runs the baking company. Jane is a teacher. Dick is allergic to nuts. Jane is a health nut. Dick likes to run. Jane likes to walk.

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Meet Our Featured Teacher Sherri Hane

She earned recognition for her efforts from the Board of the Michigan Science Teachers Association, which named her the 2016 Elementary Science Teacher of the Year.

We sent Sherri a box of educational snacks for her students to celebrate this remarkable recognition.

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